About Us

Welcome to 24-play.co.uk home to all gamers and developers alike. 24 play Ltd are gamers ourselves so we know what it is like to rent game servers and voice servers ect. We pride ourselves in offering premium services that don't cost the earth, whether its Clan Game Servers, Voice Servers or Web Hosting. All our hardware is of the highest standard and we only use Intel® Xeon® W-2145 Octa-Core processors, registered DDR memory, and always on 4tb Nvme ssd`s and low latency network connections. With the equipment we standardise in and the game server hosting bandwidth we have available, all Clan Game Servers will perform with low pings across the country and further. 24 play Ltd offers a large number of public servers for a variety of games and as more games are released we are happy to introduce them should there be a high enough demand. Our aim at 24 play Ltd is to drive up the standards of the gaming industry by setting our own high standards. All too often the people we have spoken to feel that they have been let down by other companies offering these services. We aim to put the pleasure back into starting up your own gaming server with a hassle free 'can do' attitude!


Built on the solid foundation and knowledge from ourselves being not only gamers but also qualified network, software, hardware and website specialists, we feel we can offer just what you need. Your Game Servers are housed on our Intel® Xeon® W-2145 Octa-Core Server`s with Nvme ssds , with 256Gb Dual Channel Ram. We believe we are running some of the most powerful machines in the world of game server providers.


Our Network consists of only the best quality bandwidth from our transit provider. Bandwidth is routed through powerful Cisco equipment with a mixture of Tier 1 transit straight to our network equipment. These providers include Level 3 and Tiscali. Our upsteam providers also peer in most major UK Internet Exchanges including LINX, Xchangepoint, and Lipex to ensure a reliable network.

Web Design

We have our own onsite Web Designer who can offer high quality yet cost effective designs ranging from simple, yet effective graphics to full blown professional web design. Having already established himself creating web based products for not only gamers but corporate businesses as well we are proud to have him on our team.

Server Sales

We can customise and build servers direct to your specification for rental or to purchase outright. Our dedication doesn't stop there, we then offer a range of co-location packages with benefits such as remote reboots, KVM over IP and data transfer graphs.


We find it hard to believe our support can be rivalled. Not only do we strive to have people on Discord 24/7 we also provide around the clock support via email and many other methods as shown on our Support page.

In conclusion, we here at 24 play Ltd aim to set a standard that others should strive to achieve. Your gaming is our passion, as well as our business, and is ultimately there to entertain. So enjoy it, with 24 play Ltd.